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Leslie and I opened Wiggle Worms because we are parents of multiple children who would rather play then go shopping or running errands.  It is hard  to find and schedule a babysitter so you can go to the movies..not G rated,  out to a nice dinner or attend scheduled appointments. We wanted to create a fun environment for kids and provide a secure program for parents to feel safe leaving their kids for a few hours.  
Chrissy has three children.  She has a degree in education and taught first grade for many years.  She has also managed her family's consulting company for many years.  Leslie also has three children and has owned her own company for many years prior to venturing out and creating the Wiggle Worms Child Care Center.   

Currently, Chrissy is the owner. Although Leslie does not own the Wiggle Worm Center, her influence and dedication in the discovery and creation process will always be gratefully appreciated.
Our child care center focuses on providing a safe, secure, fun atmosphere, allowing you to feel confident in leaving your children in our care for a few hours of enjoyment.
Our staff is certified in first-aid and CPR ,has worked with children in the past, and has had extensive background checks completed.
About Us